The current versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, Skype for Business and OneNote have entirely new user interfaces. The service desk tool LearningWorld & AutoPilot facilitates migration, provides ongoing 24/7 ad hoc support and greatly enhances employee performance. soluzione training concepts bring you better training results – quicker and with significant cost savings.



soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot for Microsoft

Office 2016 and Office 365




This Self-Service Tool was designed to meet two training needs: AutoPilot provides on-demand eLearning for solving acute problems, while LearningWorld provides systematic learning for improving knowledge. The immediate help that AutoPilot provides and LearningWorld’s comprehensive knowledge database are seamlessly intertwined with one another.

soluzione AutoPilot

The soluzione AutoPilot enables users to learn in a task-oriented, i.e., problem-oriented fashion. Whenever a Microsoft Office user encounters a specific problem while doing his or her normal work  – he wants to carry out a certain function, for example, but doesn’t know how to go about it  –  soluzione AutoPilot quickly provides the desired help, via one or another of the following tools.

Migration help
This shows the user where to find a function that he knows from an earlier Office version in the new user interface. All he has to do is click to the command of interest on a simulated user interface that looks just like the earlier Office version. He will then be shown the work steps as they currently are in the new user interface. The migration help tool assures that users will always be able to quickly find every function they knew how to use in the old user interface.

Semantic search
A semantic search takes into account not only specific words that are being searched for, but it also takes into account the meaning of those words. This implies that the semantic search will produce results that include not only exact word matches, but - because it understands the meaning of the words - it also produces results that are thematically related to what the user is searching for. Users obtain highly relevant results even when they doesn’t know the exact technical term; i.e., they can search for what they want to find out using just natural language.  In addition, when the spelling checker is active, typing and spelling mistakes are automatically corrected. The spell checker is even able to guess mistyped words on the basis of its knowledge of the keyboard layout.

Click paths and Click films
Click paths and click films show step-by-step the way to the desired command. The indicated work steps can then be performed directly in the open Office application.

Each user is assigned an individual account, and each account is assigned a personal-favorites library.  ‘Favorites’ enable each user to swiftly access instructions for functions that he or she frequently uses.

Functions that are used most frequently in Office can generally be called up through use of certain key combinations. Each key combination is displayed in the sidebar.

Expert system
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot alone contains an expert system that makes use of metadata. Experts in the use of Microsoft Office have assigned each of the ca 2,000 learning objects to a meta-dataset. Associative datasets, though not directly visible to users, store command synonyms as well as thematically related functions.

Tag Cloud
The Tag Cloud displays thematically related functions, as defined by  experts in the use of Office.  Users can take advantage of the tag cloud to refine their search results, i.e., to find whichever functions best suit the object of their search. In addition, while using the tag cloud, users may discover additional, previously unknown functions. This helps users quickly and easily discover new functions, which in turn enhances Office’s real value.

Related functions
When a user is interested in a particular learning object, he can display a list of related functions.  Functions listed in this way are those retained in the expert system’s metadata. By taking advantage of this facility, users expand the scope of their Office knowledge.

soluzione LearningWorld

The LearningWorld supports systematic learning. LearningWorld can be used to good advantage whenever the user wants to thoroughly learn a training unit in a structured fashion or when something band new must be learned.

Multiple gateways to learning
Training materials are available in several variants. Whenever users want, they can select from Click-Path descriptions, Training Animations, Interactive Practice Animations, Training Documents and Quick-Reference Guides.

Training films
Around 500 training films (animations) illustrate the training subjects. Such films consist of three parts: The user is shown a concrete example that uses the function of interest. This takes 10 to 15 seconds. Given this experience, the user can then quickly decide whether the subject is actually relevant for him. In the step that follows, the function is demonstrated, i.e., the user is shown, click-by-click, what he must do to solve the problem. Finally, there is an interactive exercise that presents a task for the user to work through.

Training documents
The LearningWorld contains around 2,000 pages of written documentation. These materials can be viewed in the user’s browser, or they can be downloaded as pdf-files and subsequently printed.

Compact Reference Guides
Experienced users may choose to freshen their existing knowledge with Compact Reference Guides. These present ‘how-to’ instructions, without explanations, in the fewest possible steps. If desired, click paths and click films provide a quick overview.

It is also possible to download exercises from LearningWorld. Such files can be worked on using the corresponding Office application, such as Word. In connection with the exercise, there exists a downloadable solution that was worked out by an expert. Users are invited to compare their solutions with the expert’s solution.

Most searched for solutions
In many organizations, numerous users carry out similar or even identical tasks.  The soluzione system observes which training units are most frequently called up. Then, making use of these observations, it develops hit lists of the top-ten most sought-after solutions for each MS application. By referring to such top-ten lists, less-experienced users can profit from the experience of more advanced users. In addition, because the help desk receives specific reports about which problems are most frequently dealt with, it can undertake specific measures that are helpful to users.

Recommended solutions
The customer can save a set of training units in a special area. These units would be those that have particular relevance for his organization’s work processes and for his users. New Office functions might be set aside, for example, or functions that are known to have been previously problematic for users.

Learning Paths
Each user only has to learn what is relevant for him- or herself. Users can self-administer tests to check the state of their existing knowledge. Then, on the basis of the test results, they can generate a personal Learning Path.



Migration help and eLearning environments by soluzione are available for Microsoft Office 2016, Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10, Skype for Business and OneNote.

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