The current versions of Microsoft Office, Windows, Skype for Business and OneNote have entirely new user interfaces. The service desk tool LearningWorld & AutoPilot facilitates migration, provides ongoing 24/7 ad hoc support and greatly enhances employee performance. soluzione training concepts bring you better training results – quicker and with significant cost savings.



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Protecting your personal data is very important to us. Use of this app is therefore governed by the following data privacy policy, which can also be viewed at

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soluzione knowledge company GmbH, Nockherstraße 2, 81541 Munich, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "soluzione", "we" or "us") is responsible for the app and the handling of any data associated with the app. The company is entered into the Commercial Register of the District Court of Munich, Germany under HRB No. 135366 and Mr. Frank Rodà is its Chief Executive.

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This app does not gather or store any personal data. When you use the app to search for answers to questions, the app anonymously queries our central server and delivers the results back to you within the app itself. In doing so, our server does not store any personal data about either you or your specific search queries. It merely anonymously tracks what type of information has been requested, and how often it has been requested. Our server logs an anonymous shortened form of your device's IP address.

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We reserve the right to use external service providers to handle specific data processing activities (such as operating the servers in our computing center). These service providers process any data collected in strict accordance with our instructions. They are required to comply with our data privacy policy and their activities are carefully monitored by us. These service providers are strictly prohibited from using any of the data for their own purposes or sharing this data with a third party.

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Should you have any questions regarding our data privacy policy, please contact us: wenden.



DarWin8 App

The price for one app-license for companies is € 7,49 incl. tax. Included are cost for support and maintenance for 1 year.

AppSuggested ways how to deploy DarWin8 to your employees:


A) If you don’t want to access the Windows store you are able to deploy DarWin8 with Microsoft Sideloading. You need special licenses for this, which have to be purchased separately while using Windows 8 Professional or RT. There are packages with 10 or 100 licenses available. You are able to purchase the DarWin8-app-package directly from us and carry out the app-deployment to your employees with a software-rollout.

If you use Windows 8 as an Enterprise Agreement, the licenses for sideloading are for free. For deployment of the app-package via sideloading please purchase it here: Orderform.

B) Do you have a company-owned app-store? If yes, you are able to deploy the app to your employees through the app-store. To do this you also need sideloading licenses.

Please purchase your app-package here: Orderform.

C) We would like to ask companies who can’t proceed in one of the ways mentioned above for a bit more time – we are working on a solution for you right now. If you are a SMB we recommend to purchase the app directly from the Windows Store.

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soluzione LearningWorld for Windows 10

This soluzione product is a self-service tool that supports users as they move to Windows 10. soluzione LearningWorld helps during migration and provides ongoing 24/7 ad hoc support.

soluzione LearningWorld enables users at every level of existing knowledge to move up to Windows 10 autonomously. This cost-effective solution helps during migration and also provides ongoing support. This reduces the client’s helpdesk workload significantly.

Here are some of the highlighted functions of soluzione LearningWorld for Windows 10:

Migration help
This shows where you can find familiar functions in the Windows 10 user interface. To use this feature, just click to the needed function in a simulated interface of the old Windows. A film animation then shows you the corresponding steps in the new Windows 10 interface.

Training films demonstrate all important Windows 10 functions, for example: scalable apps, the assistant Cortana and the new default browser Edge.If you use a mouse to interact with Windows, you will be shown click films. If you use gestures, you will see touch films.

Related films
For each training film, additional training units that are related to the film’s topic will also be offered. By exploring such related topics, you can further develop your knowledge of Windows 10.

Full-text search
This powerful tool permits you to research the entire LearningWorld. Typing and spelling errors are corrected automatically.

Most searched for solutions
In many organizations, numerous users carry out similar or even identical tasks.  The soluzione system observes which training units are most frequently called up. By making use of these observations, the system dynamically generates hit lists of the top-ten most sought-after solutions for each MS application. In this way, less-experienced users can profit from the experience of more advanced users. In addition, because the help desk receives reports about which problems most frequently occur, it can undertake specific measures that are helpful to users.

Recommended solutions
A set of training units can be saved in a special area of the system. These units could be those that have particular relevance for your organization’s work processes and users. New Office functions might be set aside in this way, for example, or functions known to have been problematic for users in the past.


Migration help: Call up a function in a simulated old Windows user interface in the usual way ...

... and you will be shown a film that demonstrates the corresponding steps in the Windows 10 user interface.



soluzione eLearning tools and migration help are provided for Microsoft Office 2016 and 365, Microsoft Windows 10, Skype for Business and OneNote.

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