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Can I introduce the training tool to our employees without teaching them how to use it first?
The training process with soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot can only be successful if the tool is properly introduced to the business or organization and the employees are taught how to use it.  In most organizations, eLearning is a brand new topic. For that reason, it is necessary to conduct a well-designed introductory process. It is a new method of learning that requires careful explanation. And how it will be explained, depends on the conditions in your particular business or organization.

Which measures are used for the implementation process?
Just as training with LearningWorld proceeds on an individual basis, the implementation process is also created individually for each customer. It generally consists of a combination of measures, such as classroom training and internal marketing (including distributing documents to employees).

How is the implementation process carried out?
This depends on the business or organization in which the implementation is conducted. It must also be taken into consideration whether the business or organization has years of experience with eLearning or if it has not yet got any such experience. Another important factor is whether the rollout will take place in a centralized environment or an environment with multiple locations.

How will the procedure for my organization be determined?
Before the project begins, an implementation workshop (kick-off workshop) is conducted. For that meeting, it is important that major players be present, people such as a representative from the HR and IT departments, project managers, data security officers, as well as representatives from top management and the employees’ council, etc..

How is the agenda for the kick-off workshop determined?
Together with the customer, we analyze the individual conditions in your business or organization. Then, on the basis of that information, we discuss with you what a reasonable rollout might look like. Then, with your agreement, we develop a detailed plan that specifies when and where the kick-off workshop will take place, which materials will be used, and what cooperation will be required from your marketing and communications departments. Included also are deliberations about how the rollout measures can best be linked with the training sessions.

What is the best timing for the product rollout and the training session?
We recommend that the users’ introduction to the new software and the changeover from existing software to the new versions (Office/Windows) take place at about the same time.

How can the LearningWorld best be rolled out in your business or organization?
To give you and your employees a good idea of how the changeover to the new software can best be carried out, we will illustrate a successful changeover using a best-practices example. Ideally, this is done in a personal meeting.

How long does the introductory session last?
Practice has shown that the introductory meeting can last between 90 minutes and 3 hours. It is, however, not the kind of computer training session in which everyone has a computer to use. On the contrary, it is an informational meeting in which firing up the attendees’ motivation is at least as important as the factual content.

For how many people is an introductory session intended?
At such meetings we expect to work with groups of 30 to 50 participants.

What does the agenda for the introductory session look like?
We discuss the agenda with each customer in order to find agreement for the session’s schedule. An ideal situation would be one in which the employees have been working with earlier versions of Office. In such a case, each employee would participate in the introductory session while sitting at his own desk. At the same time, your IT department would switch over to the new software versions with LearningWorld & AutoPilot enabled. After the introductory session, your employees could continue to work, but now with the new software versions and with the full support of LearningWorld & AutoPilot. In this way, they can immediately begin using the new versions while taking advantage of the information they just heard.



soluzione eLearning tools and migration help are provided for Microsoft Office 2016 and 365, Windows 10, OneNote and Skype for Business.

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