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Accurate answers

You discover exactly where the users’ greatest need for training is and can consequently provide targeted assistance.


Top-ten problems

In many businesses and organizations, numerous users carry out similar or even identical tasks. The soluzione system observes which training units are most frequently sought out and called up. Making use of these observations, it dynamically develops hit lists of the top-ten most sought-after solutions for each Microsoft application program. Especially when a rollout project takes a good amount of time, less-experienced users can profit from the training experiences of more advanced users.


Recommended solutions

You can identify training units that you believe are especially relevant to the work done in your organization or that may be important to your users. You can save these units in a special area. The kind of training units you might want to set aside like this could be, for example, new Office functions or functions that you know have given some users difficulties in the past.


Declining call rates

soluzione has observed that during various migration projects the work-load at help desks remained constant or even declined. soluzione users call their help desk less frequently than they do when working with software they’ve used for years.



soluzione eLearning tools and migration help are provided for Microsoft Office 2016 and 365, OneNote, Skype for Business and Windows 10.

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