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soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot, the most innovative training solution for Microsoft products, facilitates a trouble-free migration to Microsoft Office, Windows, Skype for Business and OneNote. After migration, the solution significantly increases users’ productivity during everyday operations.



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1. Methodological-didactic approaches 
Learner-motivation is the one of the greatest challenges associated with computer-based learning.  Together with the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology at Karlsruhe, soluzione conducted basic research out of which new, methodological-didactic innovations emerged. These discoveries serve as the backbone of the soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot.

2. Personalized learning environment
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot is the only computer-based training software in the world that dynamically adapts itself to the needs and preferred learning styles of each user. Individual learners specify which particular features they want to use. Not only that, they can decide for themselves what they want to learn, how and when to learn it.

3. Ad-hoc learning with long-term retention
soluzione combines an Ingenious ad-hoc, on-demand support (problem-oriented learning with soluzione AutoPilot) with an advanced learning environment (systematic learning with soluzione LearningWorld) that expands users’ knowledge of MS Office in a structured and lasting fashion.

4. No workflow interruptions
Appearing to the user as a typical MS sidebar, the soluzione AutoPilot is fully integrated into Microsoft Office user interfaces. As a result, users have no need to leave the MS application program they are using in order to obtain answers to questions or solutions. They can then use such information directly in the document they are working on without having to interrupt what they are working on.

5. Most extensive Office training library
With approximately 2,000 training units, the soluzione LearningWorld with AutoPilot contains the most extensive Office training library available on the market.

6. Complete and micro-segmented
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot embodies complete knowledge of Office and Windows in high granularity (reduced to the smallest possible units). Approximately 2,000 learning units explain every function in Microsoft Office. No other training tool can help users as precisely as can the soluzione training system. Office users remain motivated because, with soluzione, they only have to deal with learning specific things that are relevant to the work they are actually trying to accomplish.

7. Multiple gateways to learning
Training materials are available in several variants. Whenever users want, they can select from among Click-Path descriptions, Training Animations, Interactive Practice Animations, Training Documents and Quick-Reference Guides. Since each user’s own learning needs and preferences are individually met, they always remain motivated. For these reasons, the degree-of-use and overall acceptance of the soluzione system is notably higher than with any alternative training solution.

8. Semantic search
A semantic search takes into account not only specific words that are being searched for, but it also takes into account the meaning of those words. This implies that the semantic search will produce results that include not only exact word matches, but - because it understands the meaning of the words - it also produces results that are thematically related to what the user is searching for. Users obtain highly relevant results even when they doesn’t know the exact technical term; i.e., they can search for something using natural language. In addition, when the spelling checker is active, typing and spelling mistakes are automatically corrected. The spell checker is even able to guess mistyped words on the basis of its knowledge of the keyboard layout.

9. Expert system
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot contains an expert system that makes use of metadata. Experts in the use of Microsoft Office have assigned each of the ca 2,000 learning objects to one or more meta-datasets that bring together command synonyms as well as thematically related functions. Even though the associative datasets are not directly accessible to users, they enhance the user experience by the following means.

a) Tag Cloud
The Tag Cloud displays thematically related functions, whose relationships to one another were observed and recorded by experts in the use of Office. Employees can take advantage of the tag cloud to refine their search results, i.e., to find whichever functions best suit the object of their search. In addition, while using the tag cloud, users may discover additional functions that were until then unknown to them. In this fashion, users can easily discover and learn new functions and skills, which in turn enhances Office’s real value. By deepening users’ knowledge and abilities, use of the tag cloud enhances employees’ productivity.

b) Related functions
When a user is interested in a particular function or concept, he can display a list of related functions. The functions listed in this way will be those whose relationship to one another were identified by Office experts and retained in the expert system’s metadata. Exploiting this facility, users can broadly expand the scope of their Office knowledge.

10. Shortcuts
Functions that are used most frequently in Office can generally be called up through use of certain key combinations. Each such key combination is displayed in the sidebar. By increasing the rate at which everyday work is performed, these handy shortcuts also increase employees’ productivity.

11. Favorites
Each user is assigned an individual account; each account is assigned a personal-favorites library. Using the ‘favorites’ function, each user can make a record of whichever functions he frequently uses. By referring to their favorite functions, users can swiftly access the corresponding ‘how-to’ instructions. The ‘favorites’ function provides relief for the help desk and serves as performance enhancer during users’ everyday work.

12. Most searched for solutions 
In many businesses and organizations, numerous users carry out similar or even identical tasks.  The soluzione system observes which training units are most frequently called up. Then, making use of these observations, it develops hit lists of the top-ten most sought-after solutions for each MS application program. By referring to such top-ten lists, less experienced users can profit from the experience of more advanced users. In addition, because the help desk receives specific reports about which problems are most frequently dealt with, it can undertake specific measures that may be helpful to users.

13. Recommended solutions 
The customer can save a set of training units in a special area. These units would be those that have particular relevance for his organization’s work processes and for his users. What might be set aside in this way? New Office functions, for example, or functions that are known to have been problematic for some users. Benefit: Productivity increases; calls to the help desk decrease.


soluzione Script GmbH offers eLearning and migration help for Microsoft products like Office 2016/365, Windows 10, Skype for Business and OneNote.

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