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The ingenious training support provided by soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot makes stepping up to new versions of Microsoft Office and Windows as easy as ABC. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, you will receive exactly the level of support you need - right at your own desk.


Get more out of Office and Windows
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot quickly familiarizes you with your new Microsoft software environment. It not only shows you where to find commands that you knew from your previous software versions (Office 2016/365, Windows 10, OneNote, Skype for Business), but it also shows you how to use them.

Easy to use
soluzione AutoPilot has been fully integrated as a sidebar in the user interfaces of the Microsoft application programs. For that reason, when you need some sort of help, you don’t have to exit the program you are working with. Instead, you will be given the exact information you need to continue with the work you already have in progress.

Individualized learning environment
You only have to learn what you really want to know. And you can decide for yourself whether you prefer to get your information by observing demonstrations, by reading at your own pace, or by being led through exercises. The comprehensive training materials are always available in multiple forms:  click paths, training animations, interactive practice exercises, training texts and compact reference guides. You can choose among them anytime you like.

Help on-demand
When you find yourself stuck on a problem using Windows, Office or SharePoint and can’t get on with your work until it is solved, you might, under ordinary circumstances, turn to a tiresome Google search or a thick user’s manual, or you might try to get a call through to your help desk. But as a soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot user, you get the help you need immediately – when you need it, 24 hours a day.

Systematic learning
When you wish to find out more about a specific topic, soluzione LearningWorld, with its comprehensive library of more than 2,000 training units, provides you with the means to work through any such topic in a highly structured fashion. Learning in this fashion is both easy and effective.

Long-term retention
Instead of having tons of information thrown at you all at once, only to quickly forget much of it again, the soluzione training system enables you to learn only what you need to know at the time you need to know it – i.e., while you are performing your regular work. In this fashion, you learn continually, bit-by-bit, over time – a method that leads to a high degree of knowledge retention.

Solve every problem yourself
soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot explains every function in Microsoft Office – literally, every one of them.  It embodies the most extensive Office training library available on the market today.

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