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The soluzione knowledge company GmbH creates and markets innovative training technology that facilitates software migration to Microsoft Office, Windows and Productivity Tools. Our products, which serve the purpose of training employees, are widely used by numerous companies, public agencies, and institutions in every branch.







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soluzione’s training systems disseminate knowledge in a fashion that takes into account people’s natural learning abilities, their current needs, their previous knowledge, their personal learning-style preferences and their individual situations - for example, it makes possible the efficient use of whatever time is available for each person to reach his or her training goals. All training materials that soluzione creates are built on methodological-didactic techniques.

Anyone who uses soluzione tools is free - free to choose whether he wants to use click paths, training films (animations), interactive practice sessions, detailed training documentation and/or compact guides. soluzione users learn only what they need to know and how they want to learn it. They are the ones who decide for themselves what and when to learn. Using soluzione, knowledge is conveyed in a highly individual fashion – and that knowledge is retained for a very long time.

Another important goal for soluzione is to make their training solutions as easy to use as is humanly possible. Their solutions fulfill every user’s desire to work in a precise and goal-oriented fashion.

At this time, soluzione is marketing their LearningWorld & AutoPilot, an extensive training and support system for Microsoft products. But making IT topics easier to master is just the beginning. soluzione’s grand vision is to revolutionize the world of computer-based training.

soluzione’s long-range goal is to establish its solutions as universal training interfaces that can incorporate any learning topics and make them readily available in highly individualized forms. soluzione wants to use its technology to support training and guide educational initiatives with the greatest possible flexibility and interconnectedness.


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