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The soluzione knowledge company GmbH creates and markets innovative training technology that facilitates software migration to Microsoft Office, Windows and Productivity Tools. Our products, which serve the purpose of training employees, are widely used by numerous companies, public agencies, and institutions in every branch.



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soluzione was founded toward the end of the 1990s. In the early years, the company was active in the field of classroom-style training. soluzione prepared trainers to conduct courses, developed course concepts, and  compiled training documents. In the area of high-level IT, soluzione took on responsibility for training developers, programmers and administrators for manufacturers such as  Sun Microsystems, IBM und Siemens.

Soon, however, a certain dissatisfaction with the training situation became apparent: participants began to criticize the classroom training, their point being that they often weren’t getting the information they needed. The lecturers, too – though they were knowledgeable about the training subject and teaching, and were qulified in methodological-didactics -  also had the impression that they couldn’t give their audience exactly what they wanted. The learners had varying degrees of existing knowledge, and all wanted to learn different things.

But classroom training only allows lecturers to present one set of information to everyone, despite their varying backgrounds. Also problematical was the fact that in the field of IT, the body of required knowledge never stops growing. The half-life of the information that could be conveyed during courses became ever shorter. Users wound up in a situation where they had to learn continuously, even in the time after a software migration.

In 2002, soluzione began to keep a lookout for alternatives to typical classroom training. The eLearning projects that had been used back then had been failures, for they been created without the benefit of pedological backgrounds. Back then, methodology and  didactics played no roll in eLearning. In addition, the user-interface-oriented eLearning method was deemed unacceptable by many users.

soluzione then recognized that in the field of eLearning the greatest challenge is motivation. Following this realization, soluzione sought research partners. Then, together with the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and the FZI Research Center for Information Technology at Karlsruhe, soluzione conducted basic research out of which ground-breaking, methodological-didactic innovations soon emerged. These discoveries today serve as the backbone of the soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot.

For the first time, in 2005, soluzione implemented its innovative method for employee training. In 2007, soluzione was honored by the Project for European Research with the eLearning award “EureleA”,  considered by many to be the ‘Oscar’ of eLearning. Also in 2007, soluzione made a fundamental change to its user interface for the Microsoft Office Suite. soluzione’s newest training system then set many new possibilities in motion. soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot is probably the finest and most effective software training tool to aid companies and organizations that are switching over to new versions of Microsoft programs. Even after such a migration, the soluzione system remains permanently available to answer users’ questions and to solve their acute problems.


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