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Privacy policy

We acquire and use your personal data exclusively within the guidelines established by the laws regulating data-security in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the following paragraphs, we inform you as to the method, extent and purposes for the acquisition and use of personal data. You can access these declarations on our website at any time.

Conveyance and logging for internal system and statistical purposes

Whenever your web browser accesses our website, it automatically conveys certain technical data to our web server. Included in this information are: the time and date of access, the URL of the referencing website, accessed files, the amount of data transmitted, the type of accessing browser (including its version), as well as your operating system type and IP address. Such data are stored separately from any other data that we may acquire through your use of our website. There is no possibility for the above-listed technical data to be associated with any particular individual. Technical data are used only to develop statistics about website usage and are then deleted.

Data privacy policy

We collect and use personal data only to the extent that a contractual agreement has established, shaped or modified our relationship – and even then, only to the extent that is required to meet the terms of such agreement.

Should we be ordered by the agencies responsible for criminal prosecutions or danger aversion; or in carrying out legal duties as required by constitutional-protection entities or by military counter-intelligence services; or for the enforcement of intellectual property rights, we may, but only in individual cases, release such data that are in our possession.

Usage data

We gather and use your personal data – but only to the extent necessary - to enable your use of our Internet presence or render accounts of it. In particular, we acquire data that identifies you and data regarding the beginning and end as well as the extent of your use of our service.

For the purpose of advertising and market research and for assuring that the design of our Internet presence meets our users‘ needs, we may generate pseudonymous usage profiles. You have a right to object to this use of your data. We are not permitted to associate such usage profiles with the bearer of any such pseudonym.

If ordered to do so by the responsible agencies, we may, in individual cases, release information from our retained data, insofar the data is required for criminal prosecution, danger aversion or in carrying out the legal requirements of constitutional-protection entities or the military counter-intelligence services, or for the enforcement of intellectual property rights.


To extend the range of capabilities of our Internet presence and to make our site easier to use, we take advantage of so-called cookies. With the help of cookies, we can save data on your computer whenever you call up our website. Although you can make settings in your browser that prevent the storing of cookies, if you do so, the range of capabilities offered by our web presence could be limited.

For marketing purposes and for the sake of optimization, products and services from Wired Minds AG (www.wiredminds.de) are being used in this website. Accordingly, data will be collected, processed and stored, from which a pseudonymous usage profile will be generated. Whenever possible and reasonable, such usage profiles will be constructed in a completely anonymous fashion. Cookies may be used for this purpose.  Cookies are small text files that are stored in users‘ Internet browsers and are used to recognize the particular browser being used. Data collected in this way (the data may include personal data) will be transmitted to Wired Minds automatically or will be directly gathered by Wired Minds. Wired Minds may use information that was left behind by visitors to the website to generate anonymous usage profiles. Data, gathered in the aforesaid fashion, without the explicit agreement of the site visitors, will not be used to personally identify visitors to the site, and furthermore, such data will not be brought into association with personal data of pseudonym bearers. To the extent that IP addresses are collected, these will be erased as soon as possible after collection by deleting their last number blocks. You can, at any time, opt out of immediate and future collection, processing and storage of aforesaid data. Stop website tracking

This website uses Google Analytics, a web-analyst service of Google Inc. (“Google”). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, small text files that are stored on your computer and that make an analysis of your website usage possible. As a rule, the information about website usage that is generated with the help of cookies will be transmitted to a Google server in the USA where it will be stored. Should the website’s ability to make IPs anonymous have been activated, Google will truncate your IP address within member states of the European Union or in other states that are parties to the contractual agreement within the European economic sphere.  Only under exceptional circumstances will the complete IP address first be transmitted to a Google server in the USA and truncated there.  On behalf of the website’s owner, Google will use the information acquired in this way to evaluate the website usage, in order to compile reports about website activities and to bring further services connected to Internet usage to the attention of the website’s owner.  The IP addresses gleaned from your browser by the Google Analytics service will not be combined with other data from Google. In addition, by downloading and installing a browser plug-in here, you can prevent your website usage data (including your IP address) from being collected via cookie, its being transmitted to Google, as well as the processing of such data by Google.

Right to information

As a user of our Internet presence, you have a right to demand from us any information that we may have acquired and stored in conncetion with your actual person or your pseudonym.  In fulfillment of such a demand, we may communicate the information to you electronically.