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System Requirements




Does the training solution also work in a virtualized environment?
Yes. Using Citrix, for example.

Can LearningWorld use single sign-on?
Yes. The soluzione solution can be linked to your organization or business’s Active Directory. Then, when your employees come into work and start their computers, they will log onto your system with their customary username and password. This automatically logs them into LearningWorld as well, and they can then use all user-specific functions, such as ‘Favorites’.

Where is the server on which soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot runs?
You have a choice: The server can be located in the Internet, where it will be managed  either by soluzione or by an Internet hosting service that you trust –or– the server can be located in your own organization’s intranet. Incidentally, about 95 percent of soluzione’s customers choose to host the software on their own server.

Can die installation be carried out via remote access?
Yes, installations are frequently performed by remote access.

How long does an Installation take?
Approximately one day. soluzione often uses the telephone to instruct its customers‘ system administrators so that they can administer the system themselves.



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