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soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot, the most innovative training solution for Microsoft products, facilitates a trouble-free migration to Microsoft Office, Windows and SharePoint. After migration, the solution significantly increases users’ productivity during everyday operations.


soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot is an extremely helpful software tool that implements concepts derived from the latest discoveries in the field of Learning Psychology. The tool has been fully integrated into the Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013 application programs and/or Windows 7 and 8 operating system so that your employees can learn to use the newest MS software effectively without the necessity of classroom training. soluzione LearningWorld & AutoPilot cleverly adapts itself to the individual learning goals and styles of each user. The utility of the soluzione eLearning system and migration help is demonstrated by the fact that the rate of use often reaches 95 percent.

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Employee training with soluzione
LearningWorld & AutoPilot provides
many financial and strategic benefits ...

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These unique features are found
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