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soluzione Script GmbH
Schertlinstr. 18
81379 Munich

Commercial Register, Munich HRB 135656
UST ID: DE 213 277 183

Chief Executives: Frank Rodà, Bastian Ziegler

Telephone: +49 89 38 99 70 0
Telefax: +49 89 38 99 70 77

E-Mail: info@soluzione.de
Web: www.soluzione.de



We make every attempt to assure that the information presented on our website is always correct, complete and up-to-date. For that reason, we reserve the right to modify or augment its contents on an as-needed basis, without advance notice. Nevertheless we accept no responsibility for the site’s correctness, currentness or completeness; that is, we accept no liability, and offer no warrants or guarantees for any such errors or omissions. The foregoing applies equally for any and all references (so-called ‘hyperlinks’) that we present, directly or indirectly, on our website. Soluzione assumes no responsibility for the contents of any such external pages that are accessed by means of links, hints or any other type of reference. In addition, soluzione accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damages (inc. lost profits or revenues) that can be traced back to information presented on such external websites. The contents of soluzione’s website is protected by international copyright law. It is not permitted to convey for remuneration the contents of any of our website’s pages to third parties. In addition, copyright law forbids the storage or replication of any pictures, graphics or illustrations that appear on our website’s pages.


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